Blake Barrel & Rifle Blank – 1:7.25″ twist 1.25″ Straight – 32″ for F-Class


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If you know what Blake Barrel & Rifle Blanks are like then you don’t need us to tell you anything.


If you haven’t yet seen or heard about Blake Barrel & Rifle, it’s a matter of time before you see them in the winner’s circles of your matches.

Bryan Blake runs a top shelf operation and puts out winning class blanks for target shooters and accuracy enthusiasts.

These are likely the first purpose built F-Class blanks in 1:7.25″ twist for a bullet (131 ACE) that will have no problem outpacing the popular F-Class cartridge and bullet combo’s that are winning matches and medals today.

To equal 30-32″ 284 Win and 284 Shehane the 131 ACE only needs to run 2980 fps which is easily achievable in 25x47L in 26″ blanks. In a 30-32″ blank 25x47L, 25 Creedmoor, 25 SLR, and a host of other cartridges will offer ballistic advantage and increased wind certainty over the gold standards used to win matches for years.

131 ACE bullet to bullet consistency has been great, but we encourage folks to test and sort them yourselves to find out.