Micrometer Seating and Full Length Bushing Resizing 257 Blackbird Die Sets (Ship Late September)


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This 257 Blackbird Die Set feature Mitutoyo Micrometers on the Seating Die and Full Length Bushing Resizing dies machined from high quality Newlon Precision Blanks.

These dies should ship Sept 21-28th for the first shooters running 257 Blackbird and will utilize 7 Blaser Magnum brass to easily neck down (necking down can be accomplished with 25 WSSM dies for those who want to make dummy rounds in the meantime).

7 Blaser brass has been listed on this website counted out from one lot #. Brass is available in other shops but is usually from 50 count boxes. For ELR work we recommend purchasing all your brass from the same lot #. For moderate range hunting work, the 50 count boxes should be just fine as the ballistics of this cartridge paired with the 131 ACE will mitigate brass lot variations throughout the ethical hunting range.

These are very nice sets and we will machine, inspect, and ship them as soon as we can!

257 Blackbird Dies



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