The Stash Bullets: Blackjack 131 gr ACE XL Match Bullet In Stock (500 ct)


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500 ct box of 131 grain ACE XL Bullets from The Stash.

These 131 ACE “XL” bullets have been stashed away, patiently waiting in the warehouse and only being shot by a few competitors, being saved as our Reserve Stock in the event sales outpaced our production schedule.

Due to recent surge in 257 Sales we will be out of stock of the regular 131 ACE until Halloween 2020.

These 131 ACE XL bullets are a bit longer than the nominal 131 ACE, thus the “XL” suffix.

These bullets shoot great and have earned 2nd place in the Nightforce ELR Match out 2100 yards, and I have used them for 16th place at NF ELR (191 competitors) and for 4th place Hunter (Less than 12# rifle) in the Hornady Precision Hunter Challenge in 2020.

They shoot great and run around 0.340 G7 in the rifles that have been shooting them, but they are a bit longer (~0.035″), which will work in many applications but should be considered if you do not want to run extended magazines in SA (2.960″) or if you are close to max OAL in a Long Action format which would be uncommon.

  • 0.332 – 0.345 g7 BC (1000 yd average at 2930 fps) depending on specific rifle, barrel, and MV.

We have always been 100% transparent at Blackjack Bullets, so we will give you the backstory of these XL bullets from the STASH:  When sales initially picked up after the initial introduction of the 131 ACE we increased the quantity of our next production run to scale up. When the machines were set back up for the 131s, the very first part of the run came out longer than our nominal spec of 1.440″.  After reviewing QC and testing them for mechanical accuracy, we decided to set these back for our private use, for a select few friends to shoot, and to use them as Reserve Stock in the event sales ever boomed. Since the major mfgs are bringing their challengers to the market to compete with the 131 ACE there has been a surge of sales and new interest.  Nominal 131 ACEs at +/- 1.440″ will be back in stock Halloween 2020.

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