Bullets & Brass - High BC 25 Caliber

The 131 grain ACE Match Bullet from Blackjack Bullets really breathes new life into cartridges like 25-06, 257 Roberts, & 257 Weatherby Magnum, but was specifically designed to maximize the ballistics of a Tactical Match Rifle using Short Action pattern magazines (2.880″ internal COAL) with the 25×47 Lapua & 25 Creedmoor variants in mind.

Just take your normal 6x47L, 6.5x47L, 6 Creedmoor, or 6.5 Creedmoor bushing dies and swap out the bushing for 0.282″-286″ depending on your neck thickness and desired neck tension. Run the brass through the sizing die and you are ready to roll!

The 131 grain Blackjack ACE offers shooters a 1000 yd averaged 0.330 G7 BC at 2940 fps! With the achievable velocities, BC, & increased barrel life over 6mm’s the 25×47 and 25 Creedmoor are really hard to beat across the board.

For short action 308 bolt face type cartridges like 25×47 and 25 Creedmoor a 1:7 to 1:7.5″ twist blank is perfect to ensure adequate stability across all environments. If you plan to build a Magnum or Super-Magnum case please consider ordering a 1:8 twist from Bartlein, Krieger, Lilja, Rock Creek, or X-Caliber. The high RPMs above 3300 fps are more likely to cause bullet deformation and potential accuracy issues. Running 3140 fps in a 25×284 from a 1:7.75″ twist Rock Creek we saw zero issues and stellar accuracy at 1000 yds.

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Showing all 9 results