We are new to Lilja 3-Groove barrels but olympian medalists, benchrest champions, and military personnel are not. Check out Dan’s website for hunting pics, Mil/LE info like securing the Navy Seals mk13/mk15 contract,  and World Record List.

I can say without a doubt Carson and Dan aim to please and have been a breeze to work with getting the “fast-twist” 25 Caliber blank project going.

Quality is assured through the use of our Sheffield Air Gauge System and Rockwell Hardness Tester – their Stainless Steel barrels are guaranteed to be of uniform dimension to .0001″ and free from internal tool marks.  The barrels are pull-button rifled, with a very uniform twist rate. Every barrel is stress-relieved in a vacuum furnace, handlapped, and inspected with a video bore scope.

We will stock 1:7″ Twist 3-Groove Lilja Blanks which will work great with any cartridge up to 3200 fps. If you plan on building a Magnum or Super-Magnum to launch these bullets 3300+ FPS please consider ordering a 1:8 twist directly from Lilja.

We will stock certain contours on the Blackjack Bullets website but if you do not see what you need please contact Carson ( at Lilja directly for a custom order at (406) 826-3084.

Given that many shooters now utilize chassis systems the differences between MTU, M24, & Heavy Palma are more a matter of preference than the more critical fitting considerations made when using specifically inlet fiberglass stocks.

Lilja Contours Blackjack Bullets carries:

  • Heavy Varmint
  • M24
  • Palma 30 B
  • MTU
  • “Tactical” Contour
  • Remington Sendero
  • Weatherby MK V Ultralight

To purchase Lilja Blanks click here!

Palma Contours Lilja
Palma Contours Lilja


Straight Taper Lilja
Straight Taper Lilja

To view Sendero & Weatherby MK V Ultralight information check out the Lilja Contours Page.

Factory Contours