25 Cal – the Sweet Spot

We’ve had a lot of people ask “Why 25 Caliber?”. Well, it’s quite simple – Balance.

Increased Ballistic Coefficient, Supersonic Range, and Barrel Life over the 6mm’s. More Velocity, less Recoil, and more BC than most 6.5mm bullets. Plenty of Downrange Energy for Long Range Hunting, rocking Kinetic Targets for score/hit identification, & visibility spotting shots at extended ranges in the field or competition.

We call it the Goldie Locks zone – a sweet spot.

Our first offering in the Blackjack Bullets lineup is the 25 Caliber 131 grain ACE Match bullet with an outstanding 0.330 G7 Ballistic Coefficient (1000 yd Average BC) tested on the Oehler 88 System. The 131 ACE is an efficient bullet purposefully designed to maximize the role of the 25×47 Lapua & 25 Creedmoor cases when used in Short Action Magazines popular to most Tactical/Match Rifles. The 131 ACE will be available for purchase in mid-July and pre-order soon!

The second Blackjack 25 Caliber bullet is in development & will feature tremendous ballistic efficiency while being purpose built for Long Range Hunting with Terminal Performance at close and Long Ranges. The Blackjack HTR will be right at home in Tactical Short Action setups but will also breathe new life to 25-06, 257 WBY, & other popular hunting cartridges that have suffered from a lack of purpose-built Long Range options.

We’ve spent a lot of time and energy during the last two years getting Match Grade High BC 25 Caliber bullets, barrel blanks, & chamber reamers to market with fair prices Hunters & Match shooters can afford and we can’t wait to get you shooting them!

We sincerely thank you for your interest and support! Please email any questions or comments to info@BlackjackBullets.com